ghost adventures: after dark

ain’t skeered

i love it when dudes talk about how nasty and slutty and crazy this girl is who’s trying to pin her baby on him, but then, when asked if he’ll step up and be a father if the child is his, he beats his chest proudly, talking about “of course!” he’s a “real man”

because real men don’t behave respectfully until they’re proven wrong about something?


the final straw


you can’t run away on the runway…

sext: 2 free tickets to the maury show

earlier this year, Maury was interviewed, briefly, on Chicago’s WGN midday (oops) morning news, and his reactions above were to this:

"Where are you finding these people? I mean, to me, it seems unreal that you could have a woman who…I mean, eleven times she’s testing for a different father? C’mon!"

also, there was uninterrupted picture-in-a-picture coverage of a coyote wandering around a frozen lake Michigan

here’s a gif of Maury when he worked for Channel 5 in Chicago during the late ’70s…


the truth is out there